Calgary, 20 April 2023 – Consul General Zaldy Patron has proposed to Alberta Minister of Energy Peter Guthrie a closer cooperation between the Philippines and Alberta in the area of energy.

During their meeting on 19 April 2023 in Calgary, Consul General Patron briefed Minister Guthrie on the current energy situation in the Philippines and the opportunities for foreign investments and technology transfer in the Philippine energy sector.

According to the Philippine Department of Energy, the Philippines needs an estimated total investment of USD153 billion for energy development. To attract foreign investments, the Philippines now allows 100 percent foreign ownership in the renewable energy activities.

Alberta, on the other hand, is Canada’s largest oil and natural gas producer and is positioning itself as a leader in the hydrogen economy.

Consul General Patron believes that Alberta, as Canada’s energy capital, has the resources, technology and expertise that will be beneficial for the Philippines if a partnership is forged between the Philippines and Alberta.

“Alberta’s energy companies that are diversifying and planning to do business outside Canada can consider the Philippines as a viable investment destination,” Consul General Patron said.

Consul General Patron and Minister Guthrie agreed to continue their discussions on potential bilateral energy cooperation between the Philippines and Alberta. END.